Cloud Exchange Hosting

Cloud Based Microsoft Exchange 2010 Features

  • 20GB Mailboxes for each user
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Microsoft Forefront Anti Spam/Virus (inbound)
  • SpamExperts Mail Filtering (Outbound)
Microsoft Exchange

Hosting Guru Cloud based Microsoft Exchange 2010 services. It includes 20,000MB (20GB) of disk storage for each Exchange User, as well as a full feature set. Host any domain you like on Windows Clustered Servers with eMail handled by our Exchange 2010 Cloud, activate Sharepoint on any of these domains, or simply use the account just for Exchange email services. Includes shared calenders, online storage, OWA (Outlook Web Access), Outlook 2010 license, Microsoft Active Sync, Microsoft Forefront Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam and much much more.

Microsoft Forefront

Microsoft Forefront Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Included. Centrally managed Microsoft Forefront comes standard with our Exchange 2010 Cloud. Forefront centralizes Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam control and pushes out real time updates to all users. Real time Anti-Virus scanning, reporting and quarantine protocol for all Exchange and Windows servers keeps them secure as possible and up to date with the latest security protocol.

Microsoft SharePoint

Sharepoint Services and Portals Included. Hosting Guru offers Sharepoint 2010 (WSS4) for all Exchange 2010 customers. Build a intranet or extranet portal using Microsoft Sharepoint technology. Add as many users as you like, manage as many documents and as much content as you like. You are only limited by the space and bandwidth available with your account. Upgrade or downgrade plans seamlessly to add additional resources or remove resources which are no longer required.

Server Technology

Hosting Guru offers up to date Windows Technology with 64bit Windows 2008 R2 and MS SQL 2008 Servers. Support for production ready .NET versions including .NET v1.1,2,3,3.5 and 4. A clustered environment allowing seamless ODBC connections to MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL and pgSQL.

Collaboration Utilities

Microsoft Collaboration utilities. Share documents and content with Microsoft Sharepoint. Use Exchange to share calenders, tasks, documents and more. Hosting Guru offers a complete Microsoft Collaborative Suite solution on Cloud Based Architecture.

Outlook Web Access

Outlook Web Access (OWA) gives you the power of outlook on the web. Access your Outlook anywhere and from any computer with an internet connection. Manage your emails, calenders, documents and more on the Hosting Guru Microsoft Cloud.

Microsoft Outlook

Hosting Guru includes a Microsoft Outlook 2010 License for every Exchange user in your organization. Save expensive licensing costs for Outlook licenses by hosting your Exchange mail services with Hosting Guru. Do you have Mac users in your organization? Not a problem, Hosting Guru includes Exchange compliant Office for Mac licenses for those users.

Microsoft ActiveSync

Each Microsoft Exchange user has full access to Microsoft ActiveSync technology to keep your iPhone/Mac, Android and Microsoft devices synched with your Outlook eMail, Contacts, and Calendars. Hosting Guru includes ActiveSync for FREE with each Exchange user.

Blackberry Enterprise Server

Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES Enterprise Edition) available for all Blackberry users to seamlessly sync Blackberry PDA's with your Microsoft Exchange services. BES is available for $10/BES user/month.