Windows Virtual Private Servers

Hosting Guru fully managed windows vps features

  • Real time Anti-Virus scanning and response to any infections
  • Managed firewall
  • Managed Backups by R1Soft with 15 restore points of all of your data
  • 24x7 Proactive monitoring and response of all services
  • Predictive failure analysis of all hardware and services so that we are made aware of potential problems before any failures
  • All server side upgrades and patches are scheduled and handled by Hosting Guru when required

Choose your VPS

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  • Plan 2
  • Plan 3
  • Plan 4
2 GB
50 GB
1000 GB
PRICE / pm
4 GB
80 GB
1500 GB
PRICE / pm
8 GB
130 GB
2000 GB
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16 GB
200 GB
3000 GB
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Data Centers

Hosting Guru has data centers in both the United States and Canada. Choose which country to deploy your VPS server in, or deploy VPS servers in both countries as required. With a Clustered Hsphere VPS account, maintain the ability to centrally manage fleets of VPS servers, Cloud Servers or Dedicated servers - across multiple platforms and multiple countries. All from a central managed interface.

Highly Scalable

Managed Windows VPS instance on a clustered WebSitePanel platform. Plug your VPS into our established, 100% cloud based WebSitePanel cluster. We then plug your VPS instance with IIS, MSSQL and eMail services into our cluster. With the Hosting Guru WebSitePanel VPS offering, control panel services and redundant DNS services are offloaded from your VPS instance onto our infrastructure. Centrally manage and support fleets of servers, across multiple data centers.

Fully Managed Services

Hosting Guru offers the most complete definition of Managed Services available in the industry. A true proactive approach to managing your servers. Managed backups, Managed firewalls, proactive and real time intrusion detection, virus protection, detection, action and resolution are all included as standard in our Managed VPS offerings.

Enterprise Grade Data Redundancy

Hosting Guru VPS offers a best in industry premium disk solution for virtualization. Eight, fastest available, 2.5" SAS drives in a RAID10 configuration. Backed by Enterprise Grade RAID cards with extensive caching and battery backup. IO is never an issue and the data is always protected against corruption in any scenario. Hosting Guru then backups all of your data 15 times on separate architecture and RAID10 SANs and we give you access to all of your backup points and allow you to restore ANY file or database from any restore point at any time. Each GB of data Hosting Guru provides with your VPS server is equal to almost 30 GB of raw disk space. Redundancy upon redundancy. Hosting Guru takes data seriously.

Citrix Xenserver technology

Hosting Guru VPS servers are legitimate virtualized and isolated instances powered by Citrix Xenserver technology. Each VPS is the equivalent to a dedicated server. Complete and independent OS install. Dedicated resources to just your VPS server (no more fighting for resources). Powerful servers with quad core or hex core CPUs and up to 96 GB RAM. Redundant everything with respect to components on the server. A Hosting Guru VPS is superior to any mid range dedicated server, it will be more redundant, more powerful, more flexible and more cost effective. Best of all, you can seamlessly scale your VPS server upwards until you actually require a dedicated server.

Spam Protection

Hosting Guru offers free SpamAssassin Anti-Spam and ClamAV Anti-Virus for all email accounts. For users who are victims of large volumes of spam, or who have a very low tolerance to spam, Hosting Guru offers seamless integration with our own Geographically Dispersed, Cloud Based SpamExperts Enterprise Grade Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus facilities (Hsphere Only). SpamExperts is available for an additional fee per DOMAIN, can be seamlessly added to any domain hosted within your control panel, offers a web GUI management interface, full quarantine and digest options and much more.

Secure Access

For advanced users requiring SSH, root or Administrator access to their VPS servers, Hosting Guru offers a Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution. Using a VPN you can lock down your server to all remote access except from your VPN user. VPN communication is encrypted, secure and follows you where ever you go. Hosting Guru provides VPN users for $7/mnth/VPN User.

Backup & Recovery

Hosting Guru offers a backup and recovery solution by Bacula4Hosts. Fully integrated solution offering you the ability to self service restore any of your files or databases right from your control panel. Backups are done to separate RAID60 backup infrastructure.

Server Technology

Hosting Guru offers up to date Windows Technology with 64bit Windows 2008 R2 and MS SQL 2008 Servers. Support for production ready .NET versions including .NET v1.1,2,3,3.5 and 4. A clustered environment allowing seamless ODBC connections to MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL and pgSQL.

Microsoft Forefront

Centrally managed Microsoft Forefront comes standard with our managed Windows VPS Hosting solution. Forefront centralizes intrusion detection protocol and automatically pushes out new rules and updates across our entire fleet of servers. Real time Anti-Virus scanning, reporting and quarantine protocol for all Windows servers keeps them secure as possible, up to date with the latest security protocol and free of any viruses customers may otherwise be infected with.

Microsoft SharePoint

Hosting Guru offers Sharepoint 2010 (WSS4) with all Clustered Windows VPS Hosting accounts. Build a intranet or extranet portal using Microsoft Sharepoint technology. Add as many users as you like, manage as many documents and as much content as you like. You are only limited by the space and bandwidth available with your account. Upgrade your VPS seamlessly to add additional resources as required.

Microsoft WSUS

Microsoft WSUS automatic patching and update system. Using our own centralized repository of Microsoft updates and patches, our systems will push out updates to all Windows servers as required. WSUS can push out many updates in a rebootless manner, however, those updates which still require a reboot will be scheduled and completed automatically. Only critical updates will be completed immediately and non critical updates will be automatically scheduled for off hours, over a weekend.